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DPM-A ฦฝรๆฒปธษฝบฬ๙ฑ๊ป๚.jpg

Automatic Top & Bottom Labeling Machine FC-LTB

     It is widely used in food, chemical, medical, cosmetics,electronics, hardware, automotive parts, stationery,cardboard boxes surface labeling; Product shaping or not, surface rough or not all is ok.


Automatic Double Sided (Front&Black) Labeling Machine FC-LD

Automatic Labeling Machine for

Round Bottles FC-LR

It is suitable for cylindrical shape products in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other light industries, labeling around or half around all ok as client need;
ะฑฮิฬ๙(ื๎ะยฃฉ .jpg

Automatic Horizontal Way

Labeling Machine FC-LH

     It is specially for small round products can not stand stably on conveyor, such as ampoule, oral liquid, blood collection tube, injection in pharmaceutical industry; Pen, crayon in stationery industry; sausage ham in food industry etc.
     Specially for thin round products which can not stand stably on conveyor.

        It is suitable for round, flat, cone shape products in Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical and other light industries, labeling on one side or two sides;

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