Food X-Ray detection & Metal Detectors เครื่องตรวจจับโลหะ และเครื่องเอ๊กซเรย์

Thermo Fisher ( 100% Design and Made in America)


APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector

    Using the same industry-leading, high-performance magnetic, electronics and software technology that’s found in the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 metal detector, the APEX 100 metal detector offers only the most commonly required metal detection capabilities, making it an outstanding value for cost-sensitive applications.


APEX 500/300 HD (Heavy Duty) Metal Detector

     Eliminate expensive downtime, service costs and repair bills with a uniquely-designed metal detector suited for a wide range of demanding food processing and packaging environments. The rugged Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500/300 HD Metal Detectors can survive harsh washdown, mechanical vibration and sanitation with caustic chemicals, all while delivering high sensitivity and long-term stability.       Both APEX HD models offer the lowest total cost of ownership possible and can improve operational efficiency in many food processing applications where standard metal detectors are in use today.

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Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector

     Overcome the limitations of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors with the Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector. By scanning up to five user-selectable frequencies running at a time, the Sentinel provides unmatched sensitivity and the highest probability of finding ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants in challenging applications such as dairy, meat, poultry, bread, and other foods with high product effect.

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POWERx High Power X-Ray Inspection

      Ensure quality with state-of-the-art  x-ray generation, detection and image analysis. The Thermo Scientific™ POWERx High Power X-Ray Inspection Systems offer high x-ray power sideshoot inspection for large, dense products or high speed production and patented dual beam, dual detector systems for food and pharma glass in glass detection. Featuring very high x-ray power sources (900W) that are chilled to assure long life,

     they are ideal for large cases and bags and include a patented dual beam system (90 deg orientation) for superior glass-in-glass detection.


NextGuard™ X-Ray Detection Systems

     Find metallic and non-metallic foreign objects and eliminate "wet" product effects common with metal detectors with the Thermo Scientific™ NextGuard™ X-ray Detection Systems. Designed for a wide variety of food applications, NextGuard systems offer enhanced capabilities to inspect packaged products for missing pieces or components, under and over-fills, and other quality problems with easily customizable vision software. Both the Conveyor and C500 models are easy-to-use, cost effective and thoughtfully designed systems that eliminate common barriers when migrating from metal detection to x-ray inspection.


Xpert™ Conveyor X-Ray Inspection Systems

     Protect food safety and improve quality with the Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ Conveyor X-Ray Inspection Systems. These high performance vertical x-ray beam (top down) systems perform x-ray contaminant detection and product inspection for bags, boxes and other flat packages, quickly identifying contaminants and quality defects that other systems miss. Xpert Conveyor systems meet HACCP and retailer food safety and quality requirements, can be configured for any application or challenging factory environment, and include powerful software to eliminate false rejects.